IT Security Awareness Training


Proliferation of computers has undoubtedly altered working environments the world over and have revolutionized the way we go about our businesses, communicate with each other, update our records and invoke office procedures. Needless to say, owing to its inherent advantages, government institutions, private organizations and even defence establishments alike have adapted to a computing environment and, over a period of time, have become more and more reliant upon these environments. The addition of enabling technologies such as electronic commerce, remote access, Intra/ Extra/ Internets, and a host of other applications to this already complicated and rapidly changing systems landscape has extended the perimeter of an organization's computing environment endlessly.

On the flip side, however, computers have exposed the vast information resources stored in them to serious risk viz. loss, theft, modification and/or destruction of information. Electronic crime costs individuals, businesses and governments millions each year and this trend is rising at an unprecedented rate by the day.

People play the most significant role in ensuring security of information. Therefore security awareness training for employees is becoming a norm in many organizations. Many cases of data theft, denial of service, unauthorized access and unintentional disclosure of information can be prevented by just providing proper security awareness to all IT users.


Basic knowledge of using a computer

Who should attend?

  • Penetration Testers

  • IT Security Professionals

  • Web Developers

  • Mobile Developers

  • Security Enthusiasts


  • 1


    30 minutes
  • 2

    Emerging Threats in Cyber Space

    1 hour
  • 3

    Acceptable Use Policy

    1 hour
  • 4

    Acceptable Use Policy

    1 hour
  • 5

    Malicious Code Case Study

    1 hour
  • 6

    Phishing, Backdoors and Keyloggers

    1 hour
  • 7

    Information Security Best Practices

    1 hour
  • 8

    Post Assessment

    30 minutes

What you will learn

  • Emerging threats in Cyber world
  • Security best practices when using electronic devices
  • Types of malicious tools, their impact with case study